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Safeguard Package

WAVE PTX SafeGuard Package

Enhance safety and improve efficiency with the WAVE SafeGuard package

The WAVE PTX SafeGuard (option or tier) provides users with an extensive array of 3GPP MCPTT standards-based features to keep your employees connected, informed, and safe.

The package includes these critical communications features:

Ambient Listening
Makes it possible for dispatchers or supervisors to check on the well-being of users by remotely opening the device’s microphone.

Emergency Calling & Alerting
Users press a hard or soft dedicated button to initiate an emergency call to an individual or group.

Discreet Listening
Dispatchers or supervisors can monitor all PTT communications between targeted user and other PTT callers.

LMR Interoperability
Lets you connect MOTOTRBO and non-MOTOTRBO push-to-talk radio users quickly and easily with WAVE PTX users.

Location-Based Temporary Groups
Adds/removes members from a talkgroup as they enter or leave a defined geographic area. (Managed by Dispatcher-Only)

Remote User Check
Allows supervisors or dispatchers to monitor health of a user’s device, including battery level, signal strength, and location.

User Enable/Disable
Supervisors or dispatchers can remotely enable or disable PTT function on specific devices.

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