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Precise indoor location

Enabling your
panic workflows

Take your security one step further and integrate the WAVE TLK 25 wearable device with LocationTech2 to gain precise indoor location capabilities.

When a user presses the TLK 25’s emergency button, LocationTech will automatically share their exact location with selected personnel.

Precise indoor location feature

Using Location Tech precise indoor location technology, hitting the emergency button on the TLK 25 can provide mapped location of initiator, including vertical location.

  • 1 beacon per typical room
  • Software provides text, call and email alerts that are configurable by administrator to as many users as desired
  • Email and text alerts provide hyperlink with indoor map / alert area


  • TLK 25 Safeguard subscriptions only
  • Currently only available in emergency workflows


  • Successfully deploy TLK 25 and enable Location Tech remotely

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