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LMR Interoperability

MOTOTRBO™ Interoperability

Extend two-way radio to broadband. Unify communications across radio and broadband users. Eliminate communication barriers and get seamless talkgroup communication between radio and broadband PTT users by connecting WAVE PTX™ to your MOTOTRBO™ or other land mobile radio (LMR) network.

  • Connect a Land Mobile Radio (LMR) system to WAVE PTX™, allowing calls between networks.
  • Connected to MOTOTRBO™ two-way radio networks.
  • Extend PTT communication outside the coverage of the radio system.
  • Expand communications to those who cannot or will not carry a two-way radio.
  • Increase flexibility and choice to select the best technology and device for each user.

When an incident happens, teams need to focus on the job at hand, not on their equipment. The Motorola Solutions technology ecosystem combines our products, automating operations to boost worker safety, effectiveness, and productivity.

  • Two-way radios provide mission-critical group communications, helping workers instantly connect at the push of a button.
  • Control Room Software provides centralized monitoring and co-ordination of dispersed teams of workers.
  • Video security captures, records and analyses events for enhanced detection, response, and outcomes

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