Motorola Solutions eBrochure for WAVE PTT

2 318-425-5977 | WWW.SHREVECOMMPTT.NET CONTENTS 03 ABOUT US 04 NATIONWIDE COMMUNICATION 07 WAVE TLK SERIES TWO-WAY RADIOS 10 WAVE TLK 100 PORTABLE RADIO 12 WAVE TLK 150 MOBILE RADIO 14 WAVE MOBILE APP 17 WAVE DISPATCH 19 WAVE RADIO ACCESSORIES 23 PTT INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS 26 WAVE SERVICE PLAN PRICING Have you spent years trying to find the right Push-to-Talk (PTT) solution? With the WAVE™ PTT Platform, front line workers, office staff, and management can all have a device tailored to their specific needs. Now, everyone can communicate and collaborate with each other no matter which device they’re using. SEARCHING FOR A SINGLE PUSH-TO-TALK (PTT) PLATFORM THAT MEETS EVERYONE’S NEEDS? WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW: WAVE TAKES PUSH-TO-TALK FURTHER