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WAVE PTT for Agriculture

Advanced Push-to-Talk Solutions for Agriculture

Farmers' access and use of mobile wireless technology have increased rapidly over the last few years. It used to be that a simple two-way radio was all you ever needed for farm communications. Many have now replaced their old two-way radios with a cell phone or a smartphone.

The benefits of the adoption and use of next-generation wireless technology in agricultural production are substantial. Farming is an inherently risky business and farmers must deal with not only natural disasters, but also unpredictable variations in rain and wide fluctuations in the price of commodities.

Connected Agriculture: Next-Generation Push-to-Talk for Farmers
Just as agriculture has evolved to be more efficient and productive, wireless technology solutions have transformed to meet the growing needs of farmers. WAVE PTX™ is the next-generation wireless communication solution for Agriculture. WAVE™ PTT push-to-talk is a group communication service that connects your team at the push of a button across different networks and devices nationwide.

Now you can connect your farm’s workforce at the push of a button virtually everywhere and on almost any mobile device. Push-to-talk Over Cellular (PoC) is the push-to-talk (PTT) voice service for mobile communications. If you still maintain a radio system, with WAVE™ PTT LMR Interoperability, you can have an all-in-one user interface designed for two-way radio users.

Some of the Benefits of Push-to-Talk Over Cellular Technology for Farmers and Growers Include:

  • GPS Mapping and Location Services Allow You to View Users on a Map and See Their Status
  • Communicate at the Touch of a Button between Android, iOS and LMR Users
  • Instantly Connect with a Group or Individual with Multimedia Communication with Critical Information
  • Web-Based Dispatch Features Clear, Consistent Communications and Location Tracking
  • Real-Time Presence Allows You to Accurately Estimate Arrival and Departure Times as well as Who is Available or Offline
  • Unlike a two-way radio system, WAVE PTX™ does not require an FCC license.

Increase Asset Visibility

Use WAVE PTX™-integrated voice and data for visibility into what your mobile workforce is doing and where they are. Real-time location mapping gives you immediate access to critical data for improved decision-making.

More Efficient Operations for a Better Bottom Line

Turn your desktops, laptops and smartphones into push-to-talk devices to increase your communications capabilities while minimizing costs. Many employees who do not carry radios would still gain value from connecting to your radio system. WAVE bridges the gap for these users, connecting the devices they already use to your network to ensure that operations are on time and efficient.

Respond Instantly to Safety Issues

Better-connected drivers are safer drivers. Push-to-talk two-way radios are not subject to the tight regulation governing cell phones, because they are intrinsically easy to operate – and therefore less of a distraction to drivers. One button push-to-talk makes it easy for employees to connect. Because they don’t have to unlock it to use it, the WAVE radio is ideal for situations when every second counts. And without a screen, employees stay more focused — no apps, texting or dialing. Drivers can avoid trouble spots and alert the office instantly if there are problems.

Do More with WAVE PTX™ Integrated Applications

With the WAVE PTX™ (Push-to-Talk Service), your preferred application providers can seamlessly integrate broadband PTT service into your existing workflow.

Rapidly Grow Number of PTT Users

With WAVE PTX™, you can easily add any number of new users as needed for short-term or long-term assignments.

Easily Add a New Class of Users

Make PTT available to executives, administrators and others without the need for a radio.

With the Push of a Button You Can Do More Now than Ever Before

The WAVE PTX™ Portfolio offers you everything you need to integrate a nationwide push-to-talk subscription service into your business:

Motorola Solutions understands the realities of the agriculture industry and constantly innovates communications solutions to meet your business needs. Its WAVE PTX™ platform includes a two-way digital radio, push-to-talk and added intelligence applications, accessories and support services. By seamlessly integrating voice and data into a single, cost-effective solution, your personnel can collaborate more efficiently wherever they work.

Smartphone with WAVE PTX™? WAVE™ Two-Way Radio?
WAVE PTX™ is the Clear Choice, Hands-Down

Have questions about WAVE PTX™ or need to purchase a WAVE™ Two-Way Radio for your farm?

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